Eggs are among the most contentious foods. It’s easy to stir up a debate among keen nutritionist. That’s because on one end, eggs are touted as a superfood. On the other, they are hated for their cholesterol. But what exactly is in an egg and how can it benefit your health?

The Yolk

It is correct to say the egg’s cholesterol is found in the yolk; but is it all bad? Well, not according to the latest scientific findings. A 2008 report from the Physicians’ Health Study indicated that eating one egg every day did not negatively impact the heart. The cholesterol found in egg yolks does not raise LDL cholesterol (the bad type) in the blood. The impact is very minimal.

The yolks are also the egg’s storehouse for fat soluble vitamins such as A, D, E, and K. If you are suffering from iron deficiency and other mal-nourishments, an egg might do the trick it. Each yolk has 2.7 mg of iron per medium sized egg. But that is not all. Egg yolks also hold 90 percent of the egg’s calcium, phosphorus, zinc, thiamine, vitamin B6, folate, vitamin B12.

Egg Whites

Egg whites are what you should focus on if all you are after is protein. In a medium-sized egg, there is about 4 grams worth of protein and very few calories, meaning you won’t have to worry much about packing on weight due to calorie overload. Other nutrients found in whites are potassium, phosphorous, Magnesium and selenium.

Raw Vs Cooked

The other areas where debates rage is on whether to cook or eat the eggs raw. The major difference is in the absorption of nutrients. Raw eggs are easily broken down making them ideal for those with sensitive stomachs. You will also have fewer nutrients when you eat cooked eggs since the heat destroys some vitamins and hormones you might find useful.

But who loves the taste of raw eggs? Not many people would say they do and that is why many are reluctant to drink them raw. There is also the risk of salmonella poisoning. But that is not a common occurrence and should be taken care of just by practising some hygiene when handling the eggs.