When was the last time you heard someone talk about developing their calves? Not many times, you will realise. You will hear people talk about their arms, chest and abs, but rarely their lower legs. And yet these can be really easy to work, plus they are important too. Your legs support your body for the most part of the day. Here is an exercise routine for stronger calves.

Calf Raises


If anyone knows anything about building calves, chances are they will promptly point to calf raises. They are the best-known exercise routine for bulking up your calves.


Find something you can hold onto for balance such as a wall. Of course, you can do without any balancing aid but it is just better to stand near a wall or anything to ground you. Your feet have to be hip length apart, and your hips and knees must be locked in a straight vertical position to prevent injuring your joints.


To get the muscles working simply raise your heels and let your entire body weight be supported by your foot balls. Just be careful to move straight upward and not make any forward movement as this reduces the impacts of the exercise on the calves.

For variety, you can place the front part of your feet on a raised platform so that balls of your feet are higher than your heel. This will give your more swing to work the calf muscles out even more. You can use something like a stair or a similar object.


Calf raises depend on your body weight but after several weeks of doing them, you might find that your body is simply not supplying the necessary resistance to grow your calves further. In this case, you can add some weight by simply holding a dumbbell in one hand while the other hold on to a wall for balance.