If you are trying to build your body, trying to pack on some muscle, you know that there is an entire ocean of information out there and that can be confusing. There are so many people willing to sell you their ‘secret formula’, promising quick muscle mass in a short while. Regardless of whether those formulas work or not, there are three things you have to know about building your body. Here are the three basic steps of building your muscles.


1. Muscle Fibre Damage

Whenever you hit the gym, your goal should be to work as hard as possible. You have to work those muscles to the point that the muscle fibres tear microscopically. That is why it is a waste of time to work with weights that are too light. You will be fatigued alright, but your muscle fibre will not get that necessary microscopical damage. Note: It is not about damaging your muscles by lifting unbearably heavy weights, but about microscopic tears.

2. Muscle Repair

The next step is for the muscles to now be repaired and this is when the bulking up takes place. What happens is that your body system not only restores the muscle to its original healed state but adds on more fibre to prevent damage the next time you face the same weights. This is why it’s important to keep increasing the weights as you progress.

The next logical question should then be, where do you get the material for your muscles to bulk up? It is basic knowledge that proteins are the body’s building blocks. You have to make sure your diet has enough protein to repair your muscles and add mass on. Eat rich foods such as lean meat, fish such as tuna and mackerel, as well as eggs.


3. Rest

You cannot keep your muscles in a constant state of stress and expect them to grow. After days of working out, it is vital to leave your muscles undisturbed to allow them to undergo the necessary repair. But we all know that the body rests the most during sleep, which is why you want to make sure you get as much sleep as you can every night.