Alright. You now cannot resist it. You have been bombarded with articles and videos that constantly drive the idea of meditation into our head. You have heard of all the benefits of the practice and have decided to try it. The only problem is that as you try to choose what direction to take, you are stopped in your tracks: there is just so much information out there. Where do you even start? Well, here. Right here is a simple meditation technique that will see your mental health improve.

Focusing on your breath

So you’ll hear about quieting your mind and all that, which you will find to be extremely difficult. But is it really necessary to quiet your mind? According to Zen Buddhists, you do not have to start with that. Your Mind will keep wandering about and you will find yourself frustrated. At this point, that is all it does. It is what they call the monkey mind.

Instead of trying to quiet it all down, all you have to do is give it something to do- keep it busy. Tell it to focus on your breath. Feel the air coming into your nostrils, feel the air filling your lungs, and feel it leave your air ways. In just 10 minutes, you will feel your mind relax which will, in turn, lead to relaxed muscles.


Okay, we’ve established that you do not need to retreat into the mountains to meditate. But, in the event that you do not have even the few minutes to dedicate to daily practice, you can do what is called mindfulness. All you have to do is get absorbed into whatever it is that you are doing. Are you typing on the computer? Forget everything and feel your hands as they land on each key, listen to the sound that the keys are making as they bounce up and down, and watch the letters come up on the screen. Just always try to be in the moment.