According to the world health organisation, 1 out of 7 people go through some form of mental health issue. 7 percent of the global population experience severe depression every year, and the figure shoots up to 25 percent if minor depression and anxiety are considered. There are meds for this but seeing how these can have side effects, it is better to try natural remedies if you can. Here are 5 things you can do to keep meditational at bay.

1. Exercise

Exercise not only keeps your body fit. It can also keep your mental health in tip-top condition. Getting your blood running and your sweat flowing triggers the release of feel good chemicals in the brain which elevate your mood, according to the Mayo clinic. But even without the chemical part, the very idea of getting busy takes your mind off worries which gives you some mental rest.

2. Sleep

According to a study conducted at Stanford and published in Psychology Today, people suffering from depression fared better by having their insomnia treated. But sleep does not come natural when you are depressed and that is why you have to take active measures to ensure that you create as conducive an environment as possible for sleep.

3. Socialize

Humans are social beings and it is therefore no surprise that socializing might help bring down your depression. But it is not just a matter of socializing. You cannot just be at a party and sit alone in a corner and expect your mood to be elevated. What counts is the kind of solution where you take part in a community and engage in conversation. If you can find a group of people that are going through the same thing you are going through, the better. It is called group therapy and it can have marvellous results.

4. Take Your Vitamins

Certain vitamins such as vitamin B12 as well as B6 are necessary for brain health. These two are important for the manufacture of hormones that regulate moods and other brain functions. I these vitamins drop in your blood, you might find yourself with low moods.

5. Meditate

Meditation has become so mainstream in the past few decade and this is not for nothing. The picture has myrid benefits for the mind and the body. Particularly for depression, one study conducted by University of Exeter Professors found that patients who practised mindful meditation for months felt great enough to get off their medication.